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    Lightbulb What is a Domain?

    If you are interested in the business world you have to realize that a domain is very important. Having a domain name and a presence on the internet is essential to get your business across to millions and millions of people that do research using the internet. You might have already heard about domains and domain names, but might not be entirely sure of what it is and how it works for you and your business. If you are still curious about this specific topic, well you are not alone because it could be a bit tricky understanding this topic especially if you are not an internet wiz kid.

    In this article, learn about the basic information you should know about domains. Learn about how it is important for you especially when you are interested in creating a business on the internet. Find out the advantages about having a domain and other tips you should take into consideration before jumping into creating your own domain. Remember that knowledge is power and gaining more information about any specific topic is always a big plus for you. Let us begin shall we?

    What is a domain?


    Have you ever wondered what those endings are in all internet addresses? Some examples are “.com”, “.net” “.gov”, “.org”, “edu”. For average individuals who have no idea what a domain is, those endings are just basically part of the internet address that they need to type in the IP address search box to go to a certain website. But for those interested about domains, those endings do actually mean something significant. Those endings are actually part of the domain. A domain is the name of a certain computer or network that it is linked to on the internet.

    To summarize, a domain is generally an area of control. On the internet specifically, a domain is a set of network addresses. There are certain levels of domains and the top level identifies a purpose of commonality or the geography of a certain domain. The second level shows a unique place where the top level domain is located. You can also see the domain in an email address after the “@” symbol such as “johnsmith@yahoo.com” , the domain is “yahoo.com”.

    A few common endings of a domain are the following:

    .com: commericial
    .org: organization
    .gov: government
    .edu: educational institution

    There are also countries that have their own official extension and / or country code that is seen after the website address or email address. A few examples are:
    .it: Italy
    .jp: Japan
    .fr: France
    .in: India

    How do you choose the right domain name for your business?

    Now that you have a better idea of what a domain is and why it is important, the question arises about how to choose the domain name that is right for you. This might actually be one of the most vital steps when you are building up your online identity. Although it may seem easy to think of a name, it could actually get challenging especially if you want your online identity to be interesting and popular.

    Here are a few tips to remember when it comes to selecting a domain for your business:

    • Think of your businesses concept / motif / theme and work around that. Think of different phrases and / or words that closely relate to what you want to sell
    • Be creative! Try to think outside the box and check out different synonyms for certain words that you already have in mind
    • Try to make it short but meaningful. This means not to choose a domain name that is way too long for people to remember. Remember, when people could easily remember your business name that means your chances of popularity and referral is greater compared to a name that is way too long

    Why is a domain name important?

    Now that you have a better idea of how you can create a domain name that pops, you might be asking yourself why it is important in the first place. Since you have a business and your main goal is to draw in more potential customers and / or users to your website, people who are frequently searching the internet for certain topics (which your business could be one of the topics of interest) could end up on your website which could result in sales and more success for you. It is important to choose a name that contains keywords that are general or words and phrases that are averagely used. Having your own domain name also makes your business look more professional. It also indicates that you are part of the economy and tells people that you are technologically updated.

    If the concept of a domain has been lingering in your mind because you do not fully understand it, reading this article might have helped you get a deeper knowledge about the basic concepts about it. Remember that learning more about this specific topic is essential for starting a business on the internet so that you have your own identity.
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